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Trusted by 15+ Home Improvement Companies

We work closely with between 15-20 companies at a time.  Growing their business day by day! 
Here's a few of our current partners  ðŸ‘‡

Get Quality Leads in 3 Simple Steps 

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1. We Plan The Campaign

We look at area, competition, your offerings and most profitable service to promote for most ROI

2. We Launch in 7 days

We create the campaign and start generating High Quality Leads. 

3. You Start Closing Deals

Leads start pouring into your calendar filling up your pipeline. At this point you wish you had hired more sales people! 

How it works...

High Converting Paid Ads Campaigns

We craft and manage Facebook & Google Ads specifically Targeting serious homeowners looking for your service!

We design ads, create videos, write sales text, create high converting mobile optimized sales pages and custom surveys to attract and qualify homeowners and hand them to you on a silver platter.
✅Case Studies & Testimonials

Here's a Few Of Our Succes Stories

👉 Jeff - Dutchmark Roofing

3x'ed the Revenue in 6 Months 

Website and SEO + Paid ads was implemented for Jeff

Since we started the leadflow increased and we generate north of 500+ leads in 2023.  

Best thing is that Jeff is on our Partneship deal and only pay us from the actual sales attributed to our marketing efforts. 
A true WIN - Win 
👉 Walter - Eashing Roofing

8 Flat Roof Jobs in 2 months..

Facebook Ads Campaign Targeting Flat Roof Replacements.  
Walter started closing deals within the first week and have been busy ever since. 

The Campaign is generating leads from £20 per lead and is very profitable so far with around a 10X ROI 
👉 Arber - A&G High Quality Construction

Fully Booked Deck Season From FB Ads

With a steady flow of qualified homeowners looking for a new deck.  2023 was a great season for Arber!

Due to the success in with decks, arber expanded and started a successful fencing ads campaign too!
👉 Metal Roofing Company UK

Quick Results within 2 weeks & over £1,000,000 in Revenue in 2023

This Metal Roofing Campaign started generating high quality leads within 2 weeks and helped generate over £1 million of metal roof work throughout 2023.
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Want to see proof from inside our ad accounts? 

👉 Meta Ads for Roofing - Six Brothers Contractors LLC
With a steady flow of qualified roofing leads Six Brothers Contractors in New Jersey had a busy 2023! 
Foccused on high quality leads and consistent lead flow from February til end of November
👉 Google Ads for Roofing- Poplar Roofing and Building 
With a steady flow of Highly Qualified Roofing leads Poplar Roofing in Manchester UK had their phone buzzing the spring of 2024! 
Majority of the leads are phone calls all over 1 minute talk time to ensure its not a wrong number call! 

Who is Online Wizards? 

We have worked with home improvement companies for many years and after working tightly with 20+ contractors over the years, we know what is most important when generating leads and drumming up more business. 

We also understand the inner workings of a home improvement business, the services and what homeowners look for when choosing to work with a contractor. 

Bringing all this together we understand your needs and speak your language and that, combined with our technical expertise in paid ads means we are one step ahead of the competition at all times!
👉 How we are different

Yeah alright i get it you generate leads... 
But how are you different?

We know there is a lot of agencies out there, but here is how we stand out in a crowded market. 

Online Wizards

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Month To Month Agreement
Meta & Google Ads Experts
Video Content Creation at your location 
Landing Page Specialists
Pay on Results Partnerships
Home improvement Experts
SEO + Google Business Optimizations (long term partnerships only)

So what are you waiting for??

Let's jump on a discovery call and talk specifics on how we can grow your business.
 CEO of Online Wizards 

Owen Elkjær

Online Wizards

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